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iPad Pro 11” Safari browser issues

I have been designing on my iPad Pro 11” with the Magic Keyboard, and I believe it has a lot of potential as a web design tool when paired with a tool like Webflow.

In order to improve the experience, I wanted to provide an ongoing list of bugs or issues in hopes they eventually get resolved:

  1. Scrolling issues exist in several areas, both with finger gestures and with the trackpad: the design toolbar on the right side when any element is selected only scrolls if you click and drag the bar itself, and the assets panel is even more difficult and will only scroll via a finger gesture on a very tiny scroll bar. This issue is probably the most evident bug and would go a long way towards usability if it were fixed.

  2. Copy-paste does not function on the iPad with regard to elements, neither with keyboard shortcuts nor the context menu. The context menu may technically work, but Webflow broke pasting from this menu in 2018 to enable cross-project copy-paste and has not brought it back since. I could deal with copy-paste not working if the context menu worked to do the same thing, but as of right now, this makes the use of templates very, very difficult in particular.

  3. Crashing occurs from time to time, but this doesn’t happen a ton for me currently, maybe once a session. This one bothers me the least of the issues, due to auto save.

While I recognize that iPad Pros are not the target market, hopefully some minor tweaks could make them much more functional soon. I’ve created sites entirely with the iPad Pro 11”, so it does work. It is just frustrating at times!


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