Is Webflow working with iPadOS yet?

I gonna leave my desktop for a few days, and I wonder if Webflow is working fine on iPadOS yet.

I will borrow my friend’s iPad Pro, not yet able to try it myself as I just got a small one.

I tried it on 13" iPad Pro during the weekend and it was almost usable. What didnt work for me was scroll on the toolbars like the style panel and navigator. I had to collapse a lot of stuff to use tools that were on the bottom of each panel.

For anybody wondering, this is still the case one year later.

Only the other day I had to make some edits using an iPad and I was able to do everything I needed - it was hooked up to a mouse and keyboard and worked exactly as I expected.

Previously when I’ve had to try the iPad it failed because it was just unusable in a number of places - the difference for me this time was the external keyboard and mouse setup. I suspect the mouse was the biggest factor because the on-screen keyboard should be enough I guess.

That said, I probably didn’t touch all areas of the designer so maybe there’s something that’s still an issue? Would be good to know if you found something specific…