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Finding the form linked to a button (Marco Template)


I’m trying to edit the form triggered when clicking a button in the Contact V.2 page of the Marco template, but I can’t seem to find where the form is, even after looking in the links window and the navigator. Any help would be 10/10, thankie!

Most likely the form is located in a modal that is only displayed by clicking the button. You can located the form in the navigator.


So I’ve clicked the button and in the navigator there’s still nothing (see screenshot above) – even when I expand all, there’s no form attached :confused:

Please share a read only link to your project. Without that, we can’t come in to take a look.

Here we are:

Thanks in advance!

It is inside a symbol named “Contact Popup”. The first element has opacity set to zero. Edit that so you can see it, make changes, then set it back to zero.

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I managed to edit it without looking at it but I’ve changed the opacity and it still won’t show up :confused:

Also for future reference, is there a way to distinguish whether I’ve added a new Contact Popup or made what was existing in the Navigator visible/how to prevent this issue from occuring again?

Display set to :none -> set to :block

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