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How to downgrade to the Starter Plan?

I can not return to the Starter Plan. I was being transferred at the end of Billing page. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @Stas_Kibe That is a good question.

Downgrading to the Starter plan is actually a cancellation of your current paid account plan. Once you cancel your plan, the account will be then downgraded to the Start plan.

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relavent article:

Hello! Currently it’s Personal Plan. I need to wait changes?

If you’re currently on the Personal plan and you would like to downgrade to the Starter plan, you’ll need to cancel your Personal plan subscription.

This is why the page is directing you to the billing page

I realized I can not downgrade to starter plan, because I have many projects.
If I do not use my current projects, I must either remove them or pay a monthly fee?

If you have websites in your current account that have hosting subscriptions, you will need to cancel those subscriptions first before downgrading your account plan.


Once you have downgraded your account plan, you can then add your hosting subscriptions back onto your sites.

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I’m done with it. All sites with Basic Hosting subscriptions is canceled. Current plan is Personal anyway.

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