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Migrating from legacy micro plan to starter plan

I am a bit perplexed what is the right way to migrate from a legacy micro plan to a starter plan. First I went to the “Plans” page and clicked the “Switch plan” button, but this only brought me to the “Billing Info” page and nothing more.

On top of that I am even more confused with dates. On the “Billing Info” page I read this:

Plan Subscription
Billing Period End: January 12th 2016

Site Subscriptions
Billing Period End: January 27th 2016

But when I go to my site’s settings and click the “Billing” page for it, I read:
Billing Period End: November 27th 2015

Which of the three dates should I take into account?

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Hi @uzzer sorry for the confusion :frowning: I’m happy to help! :smile:

Just cancel your current Micro plan to downgrade to the Starter (Free) plan:

As for your other question:
Plan subscriptions is your Legacy Micro plan. Site subscriptions are hosting subscriptions.

Hope this helps :smile:


When I try to cancel my legacy micro plan, I get this message:

“Canceling the site subscription will unpublish and remove all custom domains. Are you sure you want to cancel your hosting subscription?”

I can understand that I’d need to connect my custom domain again in the new starter plan. But would this affect SEO?

As far as plan subscriptions and site subscriptions are concerned, I cannot understand what does the third “Billing Period End” refer to (the one found on the particular site’s options, under the “Billing” tab) - does it refer to a plan subscription or to a site subscription? In case it is the latter, why is it different as a date?

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