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Downgrade from Pro to Free plan?

Hi all,

I’m currently on the Pro plan, but as I don’t need to use WF for the next few months (will need it again later this year), I intend to downgrade to the Free account. However, it seems I can only downgrade to the Lite account.

And if I try to cancel my subscription, it seems all my sites will be deleted.

Is this a new policy in Webflow? I remember last year previously, if we cancel or downgrade our accounts, the sites and pages will still be there, just that it’s unaccessible. Pls advise. Thanks!

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That is correct. The number of unhosted sites for starter plans is now 2. To keep additional projects in the starter plan, you have to pay for hosting for those you wish to keep.

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Thanks, so if I downgrade to Lite plan, I get to choose which 2 projects to keep?

only the oldest 2 projects will be kept after 30 days

If you want to explicitly choose the two, I suggest removing the rest of the unhosted projects until you have two remaining.

Hi thanks.

Actually, what I’m confused about is, I go to this page:

Now, if I click the Cancel button in the Starter box, I get taken to this page below:

If I click the “Cancel My Subscription” button, my 2 remaining sites will still be there right?

Because the feeling I get from this is that, once I click “Cancel My Subscripton”, everything including the 2 sites will be deleted (and possibly the account as well). Just wanted to be sure. :slight_smile:

Account won’t be deleted when you cancel the plan. To delete your account, you have to manually email Webflow support.

Seems like you now have 2 or fewer unhosted projects, so no projects will be deleted.

@PixelGeek this page needs to be updated:

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Ok, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
Yes, I’ve deleted all projects except for 2.

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