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Could I Re-Subscribe the Account & Site Plan?

Hi, my name is Colin, I have a few questions about the subscription.

I am currently subscribing for the $24/month Lite account plan with a $15/month Basic Hosting plan for my online portfolio (with 6 pages). They’re all monthly plans and billed automatically each month.

So am I able to cancel these 2 monthly plans right now and get downgraded to the Free Starter plan, but re-subscribe them possibly after 6 months to reactivate them again in the future? If I do so, would I lose some pages in the file permanently since the free plan only allows users to make 2 pages? Or would Webflow backup my file if I choose to downgrade the account plan, so when I come back and re-subscribe the plan after 6 months, could I still be able to see the all 6 pages which I have previously made in the file?

Second, if I cancel the Basic Hosting plan right now, I understand that the website will not be able to connect to my personal domain. But how about the Webflow default domain (not sure how to call it, but the one with ‘’)? Could that Webflow default domain maintains all 6 pages if I cancel the Lite Account plan?

Personal Domain:
Webflow Domain:


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