Downgrade plan - help

I find Webflow customer support very sporadic. I may get two responses in a day and then none for 3-4 days so I’ll try on here.

I now have 4 websites on my account. 1 active with paid plan. 1 stripped down to less than 50 CMS items. 1 old version of the website. 1 in archive

I have a CMS hosting plan which is my active account. I’m not using the current website much except to periodically amend static page text plus add 1-2 blog posts a month. But I’m paying $20 per month. For this reason I asked Webflow about downgrading the plan, describing what I want to do.

The person from customer support (over multiple emails) said if I cut down to less than 50 CMS items, accepted the ending to address and had 2 static pages, I will be able to downgrade as needed. So I started stripping out pages, CMS items etc.

I’m now ready to switch over (i.e. put a redirect from paid plan to the new stripped down version) and was now told by the same person in support that ALL my content will be kept but locked on downgrade.

She then went on to suggest that if I want to make amends to the website I would then need to add a CMS package and then cancel it if I didn’t want to keep it. But I would still be charged $20 for it.

Effectively I don’t think she understood what I wanted to do at all. I could be wrong but I had no response for days now since asking. But I am confused by the responses.

Can someone that’s gone from paid to free help?

A couple of questions:
-Will anything happen (e.g. you can’t publish) if above free limits?
-Presume I need to delete 1 of my 4 websites?
-Presume I need to get Webflow to switch me from current paid plan to free (starter site)?
-I have some additional pages I can remove. I presume 404 pages or Admin (style guide etc) still count towards page/content totals? Basically what do I need to cut down to if anything?

Hi there,
Thank you for your post. I can see that Webflow Customer Support has been helping with your enquiries as you have mentioned in your post also.
I’d encourage you to continue the conversation with Support as that is the best process, however to answer your 4 questions, please see below.

If you downgrade to a free account plan and remove the site plan (hosting) from your site:

  1. On a free starter account plan you can still access the 2 oldest unhosted sites and publish those, but not to a custom domain unless you have a paid Site plan on that site. Without a paid site plan you can only publish to the staging domain.

  2. Since only 2 unhosted sites (the oldest sites) will be accessible, if you delete 1 of your sites and still have 3 sites, then one will be locked and not accessible.

  3. Customer Support can help you to downgrade the current plans.

  4. You don’t need to remove content, but if you are over the limits of the free starter plan, then it will not be possible to add new static pages or CMS items. The 404 page does not count towards static pages. A style guide page would be a static page so would count.

More information about downgrading to free account plan can be found at Account plans | Webflow University


So I can still add CMS items i.e. blog posts on the free tier as long as I remain under 50 items. “You don’t need to remove content, but if you are over the limits of the free starter plan, then it will not be possible to add new static pages or CMS items”

As mentioned I will continue with the support team. But my experience is that I can go days without response.