Charged double - I just blew $36 - zero support help❗️

I had to cancel my payment method at Webflow. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I paid $18 and got a Basic Site >>

When I try to add a site it reverts to a Starter Site >>

There is NO way to cancel the account online >>

Now I’ll unpublished then go GoDaddy and change the DNS records back to them so I can use my domain for something else.

This just goes from bad to worse.
When I try to delete either of the 2 sites I have (PAID FOR), I can’t. A message pops ip stating I have to go to the billing tab to cancel.


Typically Webflow Support can help out if you run into billing issues like this — I’d recommend contacting them if you haven’t already.

In terms of pricing, it seems like there’s a bit of confusion regarding Workspace plans and Site plans. Admittedly these are fairly hard to understand initially, but once you wrap your head around the difference these are fairly straightforward. You can read a bit more in the Webflow University below:

In general, most customers who are just creating a site (or two) for themselves won’t need a Workspace plan. By default, when you create an account you’re creating a Free Workspace plan and this is the account that contains all site projects you create on the platform. The only time you’ll need to pay for a Workspace plan is if you need to have more than two unpublished sites (“staging” sites without a custom domain) in your account and things like site password protection or more pages within your staging sites.

Think of Site plans like hosting — you’ll need one of these for every site that will have a custom domain. This is what most people are paying for when they use Webflow unless you’re using the platform for multiple sites under an organization or as a studio/freelancer making sites for clients.

Based on what you mentioned, it sounds like, in addition to the one project that has a Site plan, you had two sites that didn’t have a Site plan — and since you’re not paying for a Workspace plan (nor should you need to), you reached the limit of two unpublished sites within your account. You can delete projects without a Site plan without issue, but any project with a Site plan needs to be canceled before it can be deleted since you’ve got active billing that is related to that specific project.

I hope you get it figured out, and sorry to hear that there were some unexpected hiccups while you were exploring the platform. As someone who has been a customer for nearly 10 years, I can say that it’s a bit less user-friendly than something like Squarespace but waaaay more powerful in almost every way. Hopefully you end up giving the platform another shot and good luck with the journey :webflow_heart:

I sure would like someone to point EXACTLY to where that is.
If it’s there I can’t find it❗️

I unpublished the site, went to GoDaddy and reset the DNS so it points back to the site being hosted by them. Since I can’t design with WF and FTP to a location of my choice they (WF) is useless to me.

Makes me sad/disappointed since I like the WF interface?
Glad I still have, and remember how to use, Dreamweaver and Muse.
All the others like Squarespace and WIX are ‘just fill in the blanks’ design tools like WordPress :-1:t3:

I have two requests into WF Support asking for my account to be canceled. ZERO response other than a canned ‘we’re busy - will get to you sometime’ email.

While I’m not a Webflow employee, the steps below should help get the plan canceled.

First, head to the project in your dashboard, click the menu (three dots) and then choose “Settings”:


On this page, click on the “Plan” tab within the left panel and then click the “Downgrade to Starter” button (while a little ambiguous, this will cancel your Site plan hosting):

Note: You can get to the same place from the “Billing” tab and then clicking the blue “Manage plan” button (this is in line with the error message you included in your reply):

" . . . a little ambiguous" is an understatement. :face_with_monocle:
I’ve usability tested sites for dozens of companies.
I’d get fired if I didn’t correct a fiasco like that.
Downgrade is NOT the same as cancel.

It might not matter since I’ve sent 2 emails to support asking that they DELETE my account.
I removed payment method just in case.

Downgrading to starter means removing all paid hosting (in other words, cancelling your plan)

You can then delete the site once it no longer has hosting.