How to display rsvp confirmation list on a wedding website?

Hello beautiful webflowers,

first of all - sorry for the bad english.
I am thinking about building a website for a couple, who would love to have a list of all the guests who confirmed or cancelled the “save the date” or “rsvp” or whatever. Couldn’t tell the difference anyways.

My thinking:

  • build a simple form with fields like “name, email, attend, how many guests…” etc.

  • build a zap (zapier) to text message them every time someone fills out the form

My problem:

  • is it possible to build a collection page with data from the form like catch the the name to display it on that collection page?

I did something similar with Instagram where I pulled the data with Zapier and displayed my latest posts on my own website (thanks to @PixelGeek or his tutorial videos!)

No revirw link because i didnt start building the website yet.

Hopefully my point came across,if not please ask.

if this is not the appropiate subforum, please feel free to move it to the correctt one, sorry:)

Best regards, Deniz.

Hey @hofling,

This will definitely help you, starting from 18:09


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thank you so much @nwdsha , so nice! It is definitely the solution :smiley:
Somehow I missed this stream. Probably I will have to bump this topic again or at least will share my process :smiley:

Best, Deniz .
P.S. Love @PixelGeek 's videos.

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You’re welcome my friend @hofling :smile::+1: I’m glad it helped you!

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