Building Event RSVP - Is there a way to pass CMS ID on form submit from a CMS Collection Page?


I am building an event calendar for a client, who would like the ability for users to RSVP to events.

I have an events Collection, with normal things like title, date, time, and location. Good so far. Now, I would like each event to have a field which saves users who RSVP.

My ideas:

  1. Create a multi-reference field in the events collection and a users collection as well. On the event detail page, there is a form with name and email. Using Zapier, I can create a ‘user’ when someone fills out that form and clicks the RSVP button, and then add that user to the multi-reference field on the event item.

  2. Do the same as above, but with a text field to store the user data rather than referencing another collection.

The Problem:

I cannot pass the CMS ID of the collection item (event) on form submit.

What I’ve tried:

Using my Google powers, I have found that most people get around this by manually adding a CMS ID field to each collection item and either batch the IDs or just hardcode it. All of these examples are for a ‘blog category’ style collection or some similar example that remains static. My client will be regularly creating events, so having to go in manually and add the CMS ID after creating the event is not an option.

I have also discovered how to pass various CMS fields through embedded hidden form items, but again, it doesn’t seem that Webflow will pass the current item’s ID unless you have already populated it manually.

The Less-than-desired Solution

Eventbrite. I can link my client up with a Eventbrite account. When they build an event on that platform, I can have Zapier automatically create live CMS Event in Webflow, pass the ID of the Eventbrite item, from which I can embed the custom order/RSVP code from them. I would prefer to keep everything in Webflow, but this is the only solution I’ve found that works so far.

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - MPHA Draft

Why don’t you use the slug field since it is required and must be unique for each CMS entry.

Tried using slug as well. Received Validation Error in Zapier. To my understanding the only way for Zapier and Webflow to communicate about a multi-reference item you have to use the CMS ID… but I may be mistaken.

Thanks for your response though.

I was thinking you might use the slug to do a look up and get the CMS ID.

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Via an API Call?

So process would be then?

  1. Client creates event in Webflow editor, which autopopulates to the website since it is dynamic CMS.
  2. User clicks RSVP button on event detail page.
  3. Form sends slug (with user name and email address) to ???.
  4. ??? API call to retrieve CMS ID.
  5. ??? performs PATCH update on event with CMS ID from API call to add user from multi-reference collection.

This seems like it would work, but can you help me fill in steps 3 to 5? I’ve seen tutorials with API Calls using Postman but I’m not terribly familiar with it. Is there a different platform that I should use?