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Hello, I am creating a wedding website for my fiance and I!

I currently have a RSVP page that collects a RSVP ID. My goal is for the viewer to enter and submit their RSVP ID. Then, a new form displays for each guest under that RSVP ID that asks: “Will be there?”, and “Meal Option?”. The viewer can then make selections and submit the form.

Looking for some help or ideas!

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The important caveat is: I’d like the 2nd form to be pre filled with the guests I’ve invited to avoid people entering whoever they’d like.

Unless you really want to geek out on some coding and security problem-solving, I’d go for a simpler 3rd party forms solution in this case.

  • Store your invites and guest list in something like Airtable.
  • Use something like Jotform, Typeform, Formstack, Paperform, or even Airtable forms to handle the form display, data retrieve, edit, and update operations.

Your site then just hosts it, can embeds the form with the invite ID the user entered ( very little JS, if any ).

A bigger challenge here is dealing with a variable number of guests per invite. If you create your Airtable records with Guest 1, Guest 2, Meal 1, Meal 2, then it’s likely your forms solution will show all of those fields, and it won’t be easy to suppress them.

If you store it as one row per guest instead, e.g. Guest name, meal choice, attendance confirmation, plus Invite code, then you can control that better, but you need to build a full interface-

  • Select guests by invite code
  • Update guest X info

It’s a simple application but still an app. If you’re good with JS, you can build an interface against webhooks to create the UIs you want.

Welcome @Alex_Huestis :wave:

For you’ve described I’d just use a 3rd party form and embed it into your Webflow site. For something one-off like this, that’ll most likely be your best approach.

The Webflow Marketplace has a good offering of supported 3rd party forms.

Here’s one example:

Good luck!

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