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Contact form to inherit from collection page

Hi All,

i am pretty new to webflow and web design in general and I hope you can help me with this problem. I am setting up a recruitment website using the “Jobs” template. The default settings of this template redirect users to a specified website when people press the “apply now” button within a job listing. See example. What I would like instead is that this button redirects users to a new page within my website. This page would consist of a form that says: Thank you for applying to and present the user with a form to fill out specific details / upload resume, etc. So essentially i want to prepopulate the application form using details from the job listing page and certain other details. Is this possible within webflow?

got some news about this? :slight_smile:

Hi @clhub_s_office!

If you have a form on a Collection Page, you can access Collection Field values within your form via an Embed element.

The screenshot below shows an Embed element that I’ve added inside a Form on the page, and I’m adding a hidden field that gets the “Name” value from the Collection Page and populates a hidden field with that value.

Let me know if that’s helpful, and feel free to provide specific details about what you’d like to achieve. I’d be happy to help!

Did this work? I’m building a real estate site and there’s a form on each home listing. I need that form to show the agent which home listing it originated from on the site. I copied the code you showed above but it isn’t passing the “name” value through on the form submission. Any ideas?

Hey @Syndicate15!

Did you add the embed with that code inside of the Form element? Are you able to share a read-only link?

I placed it in the form block element, that didn’t work. Then I moved it to the form element and that also didn’t work.
Here’s my read link:

I see the input showing up with the agent name as the value, so I’d expect it to be working. Can you verify that you’ve published the latest version of your project with the embed inside of the Form element?

Also, you could add name="Agent Name" or something similar to the input in your embed to make the output a little cleaner.

Oh wow, I see that now. Thanks! However, what I’m trying to achieve is to also be able to pull in the data of the address of the real estate listing. So basically the lead is distributed to the correct real estate agent (in this case, Zach Neff) but then also reveal the address of the home that the user is inquiring about.
Basically the form lead should be sent to zach neff, referencing property X, so that Zach can then call on the lead and already know which property the user is interested in. If that makes sense.

That makes sense. Since the form lives in the Collection List that comes from the Agent field, you only have access to the Agents’ info in that embed.

Are you using Zapier or any other tool to automate where the leads get sent? If so, one option would be to display the agent photo and name separate from the form (so that the form doesn’t live inside of the multi-reference collection list) and pull the listing name into the embed instead of the agent name. You could handle the logic about who gets the form info based on the listing name.

Does that make sense?

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Makes perfect sense, good catch! I’ll have to adjust accordingly for now, the property address is the most important piece so I’ll go that route. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to pull data from any/multiple collections at once. Thanks for your help!!

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