Automating Event Name and Collection ID Input in Webflow CMS

Hello. I’ve created a website using Webflow, where my users can create their own wedding websites. They do this by filling out a form submission, which then becomes a CMS page, serving as their personal website. This was created using the following modules: Custom Webhook - Webhook Response - Webflow Create an Item - Webflow Update An Item - Airtable Create an Item - Webflow Publish an Item - Email Send an Email.

Now, I want to add a guest list feature to my customers’ CMS websites. I’ve made the form, which is accessible through the CMS template. I’ve managed to make it work, but it only functions if I manually enter the event name and the collection ID as a test user in the form.

I’m looking for a way to automatically input the event name and collection ID, so the user doesn’t have to do it themselves.

I had the same issue when doing the “Create website” scenario, because I need it to input the collection ID. I managed to do this with “Create item” because it then create a new collection ID. Now I dont need a new collection ID. I need to connect to the old one.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

I’m going to take a shotgun approach to some suggestions here because there are a lot of different angles to this to solve this problem, and also to make your system more capable.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your always tremendous help.

I have a few questions regarding your video, which I will address in the order they appear in the video.

You mentioned that in my CMS setup, I can create a text string and then fill it out. For example, I previously did this with an item field named “accessible item id”. It worked perfectly, especially with your assistance. However, I think it worked because I used the “create an item” module, after which Webflow created the ID I needed, and then I could include it in the “Update an item” process.

I tried the same approach in my new scenario “send guest invite”, but since I don’t need the “Create an item” module, I’m not sure how to get Webflow to automatically display the item ID for the page where the guest list form is located.

Thanks for your concern regarding the guest list function and the storage of personal information. I definitely don’t want to get into hot water. However, I should mention that the idea of the function is for guests to fill out their first and last names. The first names are displayed on the website, visible to everyone, but the last names are not displayed on the website; they are only sent to the couple via email. Would this be okay in terms of GDPR?

Your solution to send it directly to a webhook and Airtable is great, but if possible and legal, I would like to display the guests’ first names on the website.

You also asked about how users manage their website. I have created a simple dashboard where they can create, edit, and delete web pages. Everything is done through form submission in conjunction with I have attached a picture of the dashboard, from which one clicks through to the form they need. I’m not using Memberstack, but Webflow’s ecommerce with users.

You mentioned that I could use Wized. I’m planning to look into it more closely, as it seems interesting. However, it might be at a later stage.

You also inquired about the URLs of the pages, and thank you for that! Currently, there is only the automatically generated URL like And I would very much like my users to be able to buy a custom domain and attach it to their registration on my website. I actually asked this question here in the forum and got a good answer from you. I will look further into it later on.

I hope you will respond to some of my thoughts here :slight_smile: Thank you!

Once you have the item ID in your accessible item ID field, you just inject it into the page any way you like, just like any other field.

In this case, you probably need to inject it into a hidden field so that it can be passed to your “guest RSVP” webhook.

I can’t answer that. In terms of what’s saved, what’s shown, and to whom, the most important thing is likely that you make it clear to the user how their info will be used/stored/displayed, and that they have the right to delete it at any point. Privacy policy would contain the details.

AFAIK PII is contextual. What that means if you know that Bill & Lauren are getting married and Hernando is on the RSVP list, it doesn’t matter that its just a first name. Everyone will know who Hernando is. That’s probably OK if it’s only shown privately to invitees.

Just copy FB’s privacy policy and data sharing agreements, you’ll be fine. :laughing:

Very nice work! That would have been a lot of work to setup reliably on native WF. You will probably weep a bit once you start using Wized.