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How to add and update Webflow CMS Items with Parabola?

I’d like to create Webflow CMS items and update existing ones with

I can’t figure out how can I do it? Does someone have a tutorial?

@sylvainn - I’ve never done it but it looks like there is a prebuilt api (which is nice) for Webflow:

Thank you Sam

I’m already using it but I just get errors all the time.
The last one : Row: 1 | The collection structure changed since the last publish
Before that “Title is too long” 10 characters max.

So I don’t understand how to create and update cms items through parabola and webflow send prebuild api

Historically I have not had an issue update CMS items via API. Now today, after over 1 hour of preparing my upload script – I am getting the “The collection structure changed since the last publish.”

This doesnt make sense!

How do I get past this?

Actually - I figured it out.

The issue was that the database was updated and I had not published yet. So, I republished the site and then was able to push my database changes without issue!