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?CMS + Zapier or API for Real Estate Site

I was thinking of moving my real estate site over from wordpress and had a question about the cms. I have an api setup that delivers all the newly listed properties data every day (via zapier).

Would it be possible to set this up via zapier or a direct api to update the cms data base everyday with new data… replacing the old data? No old data carried over day to day.

I see via zapier I can add new items and replace items in the cms. But I wouldn’t want any of the previous days data to carry over… All fresh data every day.

What do you think?? Doable?
Thank you in advance =).

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So your looking to essentially delete all the cms data every day, and then create new cms items from data that is in your real estate integration?

I haven’t used the Webflow zapier integration in a while, but from looking at it, there is no delete item action.

Personally I have been using integromat which does have a delete item action.

Is the data completely new everyday? Or just small updates? From an SEO perspective might be better to keep pages and just update as needed.

Thanks for the response. It’s not 100% new every day. During the week is about 50% new data and on the weekends is much lower, like 20%.

Hi @smileyphotobooths :slight_smile: i would look into using instead of Zapier, as Zapier can be very costly - especially when youre updating daily. Parabola can update up to 500 CMS rows with one credit, which would cost you no more than $0.08 per 500 CMS items.

And yes, both programs can update live/draft items in the webflow CMS. This is Zapier’s actions:

And I know for a fact that Parabola can update CMS Items, you wouldnt have to do any deleting.

Note: i have not looked into Integromat very much, i am aware it too does have better pricing than Zapier (for what you are doing). Also, Parabola is quite limited in what actions it can do.

Good luck!