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Update existing item in catalogue and reference with Zapier

Hi everyone!
I’m building a platform with multiples collections ( Program / coach / categories ).
Each collection is doing a reference to another. eg. a program is attached to a coach
Our primary CMS is Contentful, and so far, I was able to have each collection sync. When a new entry ( program/coach/category ) is added in Contentful, it create a new item in Webflow.

Question 1:
I know it’s not possible to do “Reference and Multi-Reference Fields” from CSV at the moment, but I was wondering if it’s possible with Zapier, eg. with an item-ID

Question 2:
More related to Zapier, but how would you avoid duplicate in Webflow when we update an entry in Contentful, I watched a few excellent video from @rileyrichter, but I’m still not 100% sure (I was able to do it from a form-submission directly in webflow, but not based on an entry from Contentful. I’m sure it’s a condition based on “item-ID existence” .

Here is what I have right now:

Hi @Arnaud,

did you get an answer to your questions yet?

I am hanging at the multi reference problem right now too.
Too bad, that there is no easy way to work with zapier and webflow on that topic.