How to add an 'All pages' category to a CMS collection?

Hello there,

I’ve been dumbfounded a bit - I want to add an ‘All Pages’ section on a CMS collection of article categories. It doesn’t allow me to do an override with any of the categories listed from CMS. I tried making an ‘All’ category but it doesn’t really fetch all articles. Is there a way that I can customize a category field to fetch articles from all categories in a given collection?

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Hi Kazarareta,

It’s impossible to guess what you’re trying to do without your designer readonly link.
When you want to display a list of all items, you simply bind your collection list to your collection and then avoid setting any filters.

If you’re trying to create a single collection list on a single page that has the optional ability to filter on category, or to show all, have a look at Finsweet’s CMS Filter.