List all collection item of a post's category

I have a blog where each post belongs to a category.
In the category page I have to shows all post’s links.

At the moment I have a Collection “Blog categories” with a nested field “posts” where I enter all posts that belogs to that category.
In the “Blog category collection template” I’ve use a nested collection list to display all posts but Webflow shows only 5 items. How can I list them all?

Basically I want to create a page like this:
How do I need to structure the collections and templates?

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Nested collection lists will only show max 5 items. You’re doing things backwards. Create a field in the blog posts where you set the categories instead, then use conditional visibility on the collection list with the blog posts to show only when it has the desired category.

In this way I have to create individual pages for each category and manual set the category’s name for conditional visibility. If I have 30 categories I have to create 30 pages manually, right? It looks crazy.

Not at all? If you have a collection list with the 30 categories, then you only need to make one page template for all of them. You can create a condition that is “only show posts containing this category” or whatever.

Then create a multi reference field in the blog post collection and get the categories there.

Instead of binding the posts to the categories, bind the categories to the posts. You’re more likely to have 5 or less categories to one post than 5 or less posts to one category.