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How do I create dynamic category lists – and a 'show all' list?

Let’s say I have a bunch of blog posts, each associated to a category, such as News, Media, Updates etc. These categories themselves are a collection list too, so that they are editable.

On the blog homepage I want to show a link to each category (which reloads the page and applies the filter), but also a link to ‘show all’, which removes the filter. How do I do that?

You should create collection that will contain your categories and in blog post collection item create multi reference field where you will add your category(ies). There is already good few topics about this. Just look around here on forum and you will find your answer. For example I have posted reply in one topic just recently (approx. month ago) .

Thanks Stan! That part I understand. The part I’m not sure of is what the best practice is in creating the links and pages to these categories and especially the ‘show all’ page.

More specifically: how to I generate a page that lists all items of a specific category and a page that lists all items of all categories?

show all is root behaviour, rest Is just filtering. The answer is simple but to complex to explain here. I will recommend you to check out webflow academy tutorials and good preparation of your structure. Start with 2-3 categories to find how thins are working. Once you get principle rest will be easy. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve been watching everything I can in the WF University and some videos on Youtube, but it’s still a bit illusive. :wink: If anyone has a link to a tutorial, please post below. Thanks!

you can check Finsweet he does good things

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This is actually not really what I want. I don’t want JS-powered live filtering. Again, I want to know how I create the different pages to filter items.

Hope that is what you are looking for

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Thanks for trying to help me, but unfortunately it’s still not what I’m looking for. In this video you are generating static pages to filter posts by categories. I need all list pages to be generated dynamically, so that whenever a category is added, it’ll generate a new list page.

It’s ok. I will continue to google for tutorials. Thank you!

There is no build in mechanism to automatically generate page in Webflow as far as I know. But if you will find how to do that please post it here.

Good luck

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