How many CMS items allowed for ecommerce?


I’m a bit confuse regarding the amount of items allowed in the CMS for ecommerce.
Le’ts say I have 54 unique items (coffee beans) and for each of those items I can add an option like so:

  • Choose your Grind (up to 18 options)
  • Choose your Roast (up to 8 options),
  • Choose your weight (which is up to 10 options from 100g to 1000g)
  • Choose your packaging (up to 4 options)

Does that mean I need 54 x 18 x 8 x 10 x 4 = 311,040 cms item ?
Therefore no ecommerce plan from webflow would allow me to host those items ?
Are options/variants counted as items ?

Please accept my apologies if that is a silly question.

Thank you !

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Hi @anthonysalamin.
Josh with Foxy here. About to respond to your email, but this video might be helpful: Webflow E-Commerce | What to Know Before You Start!! - YouTube

Depending on your specific needs (ie: if inventory control is needed), we may be able to help you get around Webflow Ecommerce limits. We’ll be in touch shortly via email.

For anyone else with similar questions/needs, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration: Webflow | Please don’t hesitate to reach out:


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