Webflow E-commerce - is there a limit to the amount of product items


Haven’t seen this info anywhere. Regarding the beta E-commerce plan in Webflow, is there a limit to the amount of product items a site can have?


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Hello @grantsenior

I thank that the Webflow plus plan includes 1000 products. See here > https://webflow.com/vs/shopify#pricing

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Thanks for that Piter!

1000 products seems like a reasonable amount. Is there any plan to increase this? Can anybody from Webflow answer this please?

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Hello @grantsenior

Here’s some info from the Webflow pricing page > Standard, Plus, and Advanced plans are limited to 500, 1,000, and 3,000 items, respectively. “Items” includes all SKUs, categories, and CMS items. Need more? Contact us.

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I still don’t quite understand items. If I create 1 product with 6 variations and put said product in 2 categories, does that mean I use 12 items? And if I have a standard plan, then I only have 488 items remaining?

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Hi guys,

I would as well like to know if each colour and size variation of the item counts toward the maxim amount of products you can have. For example you would have a t-shirt in several sizes and colours. Is it one thirst or is that multiple thirsts?

Absolutely agree with “bbgoldm”, we need to know exactly how the limit is counted, if 1 product with 10 variants counts as 10 items or 1 item etc. This is a must have to know before moving to Webflow Ecommerce and it is not clear from the pricing on the webflow website.

Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. In Webflow Ecommerce, each variant combination counts as a product. Definitely check out this video: Webflow E-Commerce | What to Know Before You Start!! - YouTube

If you’ve got needs outside of what Webflow Ecommerce offers, our seamless Webflow integration may be helpful: https://foxy.io/webflow


currently we are having a free plan with webflow but now we are not able to add more plan can you guide us what is the reason. Please solve this issue