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Foxy Cart + Ecommerce collection limitations

How many “Ecommerce” products we can create on a Webflow “Business” Plan (without an “Ecommerce site” Plan)?

We want to use Webflow “Ecommerce” feature to create a collection for goods and use this collection with Foxycart.


Webflow site plan limits are shown on this page.

A collection item would typically be used as a product.

Thanks, we will works with Collection. Just for variants products will use something like this: Ecommerce Tutorial - & Webflow CMS [CLONABLE]

So, how may product items user can create without Ecommerce Plan?

As defined on the page I shared, 10,000 is the upper limit on CMS items.

Hi @bro-design.
Sounds like you got the answers you needed. You’re only limited by the number of CMS items your plan allows (if you’re using Webflow CMS to manage products). Also, it’s important to note that in most cases, product variants do not counts as separate CMS items. For example, if you have a shirt with 10 colors and 5 different sizes, that only has to count as one CMS item.


@webdev @foxy To finally understanding the question of the number of “Ecommerce” items to create. If we have only “Website - Business” plan and don’t have any “Ecommerce site” plans we can create 10 000 items in Ecommerce Products collection?

Products and e-com features don’t exist in a CMS plan, only in an e-commerce plan. With foxy you use collection items as a product. It’s really that simple.

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