CMS item limits in e-commerce plan

Currently, in my business plan, I have a limit of 10 000 CMS items. If I’d like to change the plan to the highest e-commerce plan than it will be limited to 3000 items.
I asked a Webflow team about the logic of this limitation and I received the following answer:

At this time, exceeding the limit will require an upgrade to the next tier of Ecommerce plans. If you are at the highest tiered, Advanced Ecommerce Plan then that 3,000 item limit is the max. This is more of a technical limitation and not a commercial decision as our data manager is not equipped to handle more than 3,000 Ecommerce items.

If a limit is exceeded for a particular site plan there will be a message that appears saying that you will need to upgrade your site plan before adding more items.

The item limit includes all products, product variants, CMS items, and categories and is a total combined limit.

At the moment the respective limits for items on Ecommerce plans are:

** 500 items - Ecommerce Standard Plan*
** 1000 items - Ecommerce Plus Plan*
** 3000 items - Ecommerce Advanced Plan*

Here is a handy screenshot of feature comparison for the Ecommerce plans -

To clarify further around items:

** 1 Blog post = 1 CMS item that counts towards the overall site plan collection limit*
** 1 Ecommerce SKU/Product = 2 CMS items that count towards the overall site plan collection limit*
** 1 Blog post + 1 Ecommerce SKU/Product = 3 CMS items that counts towards the overall site plan collection limit*

More information can be found on our site plan pricing page -

It doesn’t make much sense for me but maybe I didn’t understand it well.
What do you think about it?

Yes the limits in webflow are quite frustrating but to clarify the above.
Your eccommerce items are not the same although do use similar logic to CMS collection items.
In your ‘e-commerce’ section you will be restricted to 3,000 items (products).
In the CMS section you will be restricted to 10,000 items.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for replying to the above post. I just came across this other discussion on the forum that seems to confirm the opposite, specifically that upgrading from the Business plan to the Plus plan (ecommerce) would lower your overall limit of CMS items from 10,000 to 1,000. I’d love for your version to be true though, do you know if they are incorrect?

Here is the link to the other discussion:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Sean
It looks like the plans have changed since then. When I originally replied the CMS items limit and ecommerce items were considered separate but it looks like the restriction is now on CMS items. Unfortunately, this type of change is just another webflow issue of pricing out their SMB/SME users and focusing on enterprise. Shame really.

Hello Webflow team,
I am currently designing a e-comm website for a client with 25,000 products(all variants included). But I see the limit is 500-3000 which is very low. What are the other alternative plans for a larger product inventory. I’ve convinced my client to go for webflow over Shopify so we can custom design but now this limitation is probably going to cost a lot more than the base plan in Shopify which allows 50k products.