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Will variants count towards 1000 item limit?

I’m 99% sure of the answer, but in case I’m missing something…

I’m considering the Ecommerce Plus plan that offers 1000 “items”. Do variations of a product contribute to this total count? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes.

I’ve spent 2 weeks pouring over Webflow ecommerce and playing with it, and it all boils down to this. I believe the Advanced ecommerce plan is too expensive for a charity like us with extremely thin margins. Our store amounts to about 1200 products (incl. variations).

The other aspect of Webflow ecommerce that was almost unusable is the inability to mass upload custom store fields.

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Really need a response to this.

Hey @Evan1 , unfortunately you are right. It does take variants into account.

Thanks @imtiazraqib I appreciate the response.

It’s unfortunate. I have a large multi-regional site with reverse proxy for subdomain to subfolder arrangement. In the end, we’ll have about 10 stores. Going with Ecwid.

Hi @Evan1.
Josh with Foxy here. Sounds like you may already have what you need with Ecwid, but if anything changes, definitely look into our seamless Webflow integration:

Manage products/variants in CMS, Airtable, etc. without Webflow Ecommerce limitations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: