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eCommerce CMS Limits + Variants

Hey everyone,

I’m considering a switch from Shopify to Webflow eCommerce, but last I remember there were CMS limits. Looked around the forum and it seems like there was still some confusion about these limits, so I’m hoping to clarify a few things about this.

To give you some background, let’s say I have a store with 500 unique products. Each of those items has 7 variants. That means I will have 3500 unique pictures.

Then I have about 200 blog posts.

Later on, I want to add another variant. So instead of the 3500, I now have 4000 CMS items + 200 blog posts = 4200 CMS items.

After that, I want to add another 400 products, meaning an additional 2100 (400*7) CMS items. That would bring my total to 6300 CMS items, correct?

Is my thinking correct in the way that my CMS would get populated? If so, what are limits that I should be on the lookout for?

What happens if you hit the CMS limit?

Are there other items that you know of in an eCommerce setting that would count towards the CMS limits?

Which plan(s) would this scenario require?

Thanks in advance for the help.