How further I can go with Webflow CMS right now?

After a long time struggling and trying different approaches I decided to stick with Webflow for almost all my jobs, keeping WordPress as an option only for really complex projects.

I was planning to offer Webflow to clients in need of Blogs, Portfolios and Catalogues as well, but the CMS functionality has three really annoying limitations: no Search/Filtering, no Galleries/Slide functionality for Collections and no option to export CMS content in CVS in case the client decide to migrate or use a different platform.

I already saw requests for those features in the Wishlist, but I imagine that will take a time until any implementation.

So I need some advice about what to offer to clients right now with the assurance that I won’t be stuck on Webflow CMS, maintaining my client’s data “hostage” even without any intention.

It’s wise to offer Blogs, Portfolios and sites with Catalogues (Products, Services, Discography, Filmography and etc) considering the current state of the platform? I can have the assurance that in six months or a little more, the Search, a better CMS and exportation of content will be implemented?

You know… no matter how awesome Webflow is, we need the option to move sites 'cause sometimes clients want to use their own hosting or just need a different CMS.

So what you guys suggest? How you deal with these limitations right now?


Sad to say that I have been exporting and converting to Wordpress. Due to this I am unable to host websites on Webflow CMS hosting. Native search and pagination is a really important feature for blogs, and I do not wish to resort to workarounds for that.

It’s weird that they released the CMS without most of the basics features. I really want to use Webflow only for most of my jobs, but without those functionalities is impossible.

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