Exporting CMS content / collections

Hi everyone. I’m about to take the plunge with Webflow for the first time, for setting up the frontend and then using the CMS for the client to blog their articles.

I’m concerned about features Webflow CMS offers for blogging. Will the client find it wasy to compose and manage their articles? (There’s no way to properly add footnotes, for example, not even to add a simple superscript numeral.)

So, I want to be clear at the beginning whether I would be able to migrate the site later. Exporting the HTML and CSS isn’t a problem, as I read, But houw about the CMS content? I cannot read anywhere the possibility to export the contents of collections.

E.g. let’s say we decide after a while we want to migrate everything to Wordpress – including all CMS content – is this possible?

I hope someone is going to confirm that the content isn’t all completely locked away. After all, USD 20 is a premium for hosting, with a fairly limited feature set, so I’d expect that a function like this exists.

Many thanks.

I guess yes. The ability to easily add an manage posts is something that helps me to convince clients to jump in. The posts can be draft or published, and you can add columns to sorts them.

That’s true, and a lot of other things are still missing. The Rich Text element for example only have the bare minimum for a RT. But it’s only the beginning and we’re a lot to have asked for more, and for sure, it will come.

You can’t export CMS content. Neither as a database nor a flat HTML. I’ve read they’re not against a flat export but it must be very low in priority.

Migrate back to WP: well at the moment you’d have to copy all your content manually.

So I guess the content is kind of locked. What I’m sure is that it’s not meant to be. It will evolve. The CMS is one year old only, and Webflow 4 years old. I thing the main goal is to bring the best visual tool for designer, not to build a complete locked solution. To be attractive, Webflow also, I guess, needs to offer some ways out.

I understand your concerns. Some clients of mine have the same. With a few clients, we’re waiting for WF to support some new features like import/export or multilnguage, to make the jump. With other clients, they decide to jump in because they are so seduced by how the CMS works, and they’re ok to pass on some features or the moment, waiting for them to come.

One very important information for you: WF has started to talk about the API beta test. I’m not really the profile who immediately undertsand the scope of what such a news has, but I’m sure the API will address some of your concerns.

In short, no to all of your questions, but I’m sure all of them will be addressed in the near future. It just makes sens. I could be wrong, it’s only deduction.

Possible to export content via the Webflow API. If you are not a programmer or not sure how it works, you can use this tool:

Webflow API Tester: CMS Data Viewer / Export

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