Feedback on CMS Export

I bit late to the table but I have to say not being able to export and maintain the CMS data is crap. I wasn’t aware you couldn’t do that and sold my boss on this great solution from Webflow and now I have to go back and tell him it’s a no go. I have read the other posts and couldn’t find an answer as to whether or not this is going to be an option. It was the usual “no response” from Webflow.

Hosting through Webflow is not an option for most if not all enterprise size companies.

I might as well give it a shot. Is Webflow working an export option for the CMS solution? Maybe limiting it to certain packages?

Character minimum on the subject of your forum post is annoying BTW


official response here:

Thanks - It would have been great if this post came up in my search. I
read a few that the question wasn’t answered.

sorry for the confusion. We have been moving Wishlist (or feature requests) to our new Wishlist site. This way we can better organize and inform the community as to what features we are working on

I think you should see this too [List] Feature Availability & Limits

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