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How do I find classes in the Style Manager?

I have a lot of classes in the Style Manager, and they’re displayed in a seemingly random order. How can I quickly find a class I’m looking for?

It’s not random. It’s in the order you created them.

Try using the browser find functionality.

That’s why I wrote “seemingly random”. A list of classes the order I made them doesn’t help me much. I have a lot of sites, and I don’t remember what order I made things. And then there’s combo classes.

Searching in the browser feels like a hack. I think there should be a better way of doing this.

This is why before making a website, to have a good website, you lay it out before hand, strategically, and then Develop the website. :wink:

I’m not asking how to plan better, thank you. I’m used to develop sites from the ground up, writing my own html and css.

But that’s not what Webflow is about. It’s all about doing things faster, better, easier etc. Also it’s about templates. I’m using templates on various projects, and when I do, I have to work with classes the way they have been laid out by the template creator.


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