Sort/List CSS Classes Alphabetically

FEATURE REQUEST - Members please chime in!

If the classes listed in the Style Manager panel could be sorted Alphabetically, I believe members would find it very beneficial. It is important to remain consistent with naming classes of Sections, Container, Images etc but hard to keep track of the names used earlier in development. Since Webflow is already smartly displaying classes as users type out a NEW class name, can you apply the same search and filtering code for a search box at the top of the Style Manager? In review:

1.) List classes alphabetically by default (so we can check naming ‘col50’ vs. ‘col_50’ without scrolling to find similar and renaming prior to export or publishing)
2.) Let users sort classes by date classes were created (ie: find classes used the day before)
3.) Let users sort classes by element type (ie: classes used on images, divs, containers, headings etc. although yes… some are used on more than one type)
4.) Add a Search Box at the top of the Style Manager.

Also…It would be nice if the exported CSS files were ordered having classes and id’s alphabetically.

I love Webflow and hope to see these features come available to make our development easier.

Many thanks!

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“would find it very beneficial” is the understatement of a century. Who makes a style manager that lists 200 styles with no option to sort alphabetically, then thinks, yeah that’ll be fine… As if any user can remember what order they made styles in six months ago, or can find them in that order in a list of 200. The style manager is basically useless as is for anything other than the simplest tiny webpage–it’s baffling.


I would also find this feature useful!