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Please introduce global classes

While I love Webflow, I find the the ‘combo’ class system aberrant.

Classes should not be local to some parent class; this prevents classes from being re-used elsewhere and one quickly runs out of names.

All classes should be equal CSS citizens:


.first-div {

.unrelated-div {

.modifier-1 {

.modifier-2 {



That’s the proper way to use classes and the entire concept of cascading style sheets.

Please change this !

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Uh you can already do this. Just style that class separately (don’t initially add them as a combo class), then you can add that class to existing ones.

See “Manually-created classes” in the article


How do you style a class without it being attached to an HTML element ?

You add the desired class name to any element that doesn’t already have another class.

You style the element based on what you want the class to have.

You can delete the element (optional).

You add the class anywhere you want.

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It’s inelegant but I guess it’s a workaround. Thank you.

I understand one might need to see what the class attributes do to an element, but seasoned CSS coders write classes blindly without issues. Webflow being a WYSIWYG editor, I understant the emphasis, nevertheless.

I would find it slightly better to allow the contextual dropdown for the current class to contain a “Save as” option.


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