Unable to CTRL+F find in Style Manager & CSS editing pains

I am cleaning up CSS on a project.

I must find easy way to ‘find function’ css name find within the Style Manager. for easy feature to work. It Only works when the class name is actively visible in window but ceases to work when the class name is scrolled out of view.

Its also out of order whack than the way I’d like to view it.


How do I find ‘classname’ inside style manager without having to manually scroll?

Also I must be able to sort or filter it.

My work around right now is to export code (but it takes forever, PLEASE make it to where can export CSS file ONLY!), or look at https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/1234567890/css/my-webflow-project.webflow.1234567890.css. After export look at code use find functions and then manually go back into webflow and change it… but I feel like this is double work. I just need do it within webflow interface easy, particually when there are dozens or hundreds of 1-off dupe classes.

I feel like re-doing this messy project from scratch with a bootstrappy css & naming integrity.

How to reproduce:

  1. Go in a webflow project with hundreds of class names
  2. Go to ‘Style Manager’ and identify 1-off dupy classes
  3. Pull your hair out, lol
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