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Is webflow suitable for creating user generated entries in a table?

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I have an idea to receive data from users based on a form submitted along with register/login pages (so users can edit the data they submit)–basically just edit and delete functions.

As a result I’d like to display a table with all entries from users. They key thing here is to have filters & search options.

So there are only two questions:

1/ How hard is it to create something like this, and how the flow should look like? On paper (as I see it) the stack looks like this:

  • Tally (forms)
  • Memberstack (user signup)
  • Jetboost (filters and search)
  • Zapier or Integromat (pull/transfer data from forms to Webflow CMS)

2/ If the flow above is doable, do you think it’s possible to process hundreds of new entries daily without spending too much $ on that? I believe the amount of new entries can go very fast to thousands per day or even more.