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I would love to know more about the

I’ve asked the owner of the website to delete the pdf file from their system but the file still appears on the google search engine, can somebody help me solve this problem

I tried to use the Google removal tool but it doesn’t help, unless this link is still alive for the google

I want to delete the old file from the google search, some suggestions on what should I do?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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If you are in control of the project that published the asset then you could open a ticket with WF support. If that is someone you are working with then ask them to open a ticket.

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Can you tell me a bit more about what is WF support? I’m not in control of the project that published the asset, I have to ask the owner of the website to do so?

Can you explain what should I ask them?

They already deleted the pdf file from their website but it’s still available on the google search

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WF … short for Webflow

The site owner of the project where the asset was uploaded, is the person who needs to reach out to support and ask them to delete the asset. If the file violates copyrights that you hold then you could always issue a DMCA takedown request. Feel free to use your favorite search engin for more info on that.

It’s a CV of mine, which is private information and it’s still publicly available online, the website owner is not responding anymore, they wrote me that took down the file a while ago and are not responsible for anything more, what should I do? what does it cost to use DMCA takedown request? can you help me with this? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

No cost. Guidelines are pretty straightforward. Here is a helpful article. How to send a DMCA Takedown Notice (just 4 steps!)