Getting rid of a pdf on google search *URGENT*

I recently had a link on my website that opened a .pdf in an external tab. This pdf got indexed on google search and is top ranked right now. I got rid of the pdf on my website as I do not want it anymore and it still remains indexed on google search.

How do I get rid of this document and link? I deleted it in my assets folder, deleted the link, and also disallowed .pdfs, neither of those fixed my problem.

Can someone please help or give me and advice and/or things to try to get this off of google search. Thank you all in advance!

You can go to Google Search Consol and remove unwanted links

Thank you for the reply, I tried that as well it did not seem to work. I think that it is because webflow uses a separate url for uploads like pdfs. It could also take time to process it on googles end but it didn’t seem to get rid of it.

Basically I am just confused on how webflow keeps files after they are deleted from assets? If there is no link, no file, and pdfs are disallowed when there isnt any, why does webflow still carry this file using their specific url? Is it somewhere in their system unreachable?

Assets on the CDN are not immediately deleted. This has been the case for a long time. I would recommend opening a ticket to see if the Webflow team can purge the asset for you.

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Is there any update on this issue? I am having the same problem.

Hey Anya! Open a ticket with the support team and they will wipe the pdf.

There is no way to do this yourself, but support turned around my request within 24 hours.

I have a similar issue. Is it possible to redirect 301 the 2019.pdf vsersion to the 2020.pdf version pdf file on CDN?

Redirects are not possible between CDN assets.