DMCA takedown request: how to remove a PDF file hosted on AFTER having deleted the CMS item?


A website I developed a few years ago for a client is now facing a DMCA takedown request.
I have imediately deleted the item in the CMS collection which was apparently hosting a PDF it shouldn’t have hosted.

Unfortunately it seems that PDF file remains persistent on the used by Webflow !!

How can I completely remove a specific file from that since I have absolutely no control over that website ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes it may be cached for some time, the only option I’m aware of is to reach out to Webflow support directly.

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Thank you for your quick reply @memetican , yes I did got in touch with @webflow support right away.

However, in their initial email (from I was told the following:

“Please review the following request and respond within 24 hours. If the offending content is not removed, we will be forced to temporarily unpublish the website and suspend your account.”

Eventhough I have absolutely no control over the way Webflow host the files ! :confused: I have a lot of other client’s projects on my account, that would be the end for me if my account would be terminated eventhough I have actively seeked help to comply the best I could with them.

Yes it’s slightly embarrassing that you can’t simply pull your files- but to some extent it’s an artefact of the way modern CDNs work.

I’d respond to the DCMA notice, and let them know you’re having it removed from the CDN. Include the message to Webflow support. CC Webflow support if their notification email addresses are case-specific ( I can’t remember ).

Nothing else you can do really.

Make sure you’ve republished your site after removing the CMS item, there should be some housekeeping process kicked off that will automatically remove unused files, eventually.