URGENT- Permanent Asset Deletion

Update: Webflow has taken action to remove this asset within an hour of my creating a support ticket. They must delete it on their end from the server.

I uploaded a resume PDF file (that shows my website password) on my password-protected website, however, I’ve learned that Webflow does not have password protection on your uploaded assets?! So this resume can be crawled by search engines and has now compromised me legally because anyone can view my NDA portfolio projects.

I deleted this asset on my website months ago and was surprised to learn that it is still appearing in search engine results because Webflow did not permanently delete my asset from their servers.

I am no longer a paying subscriber, therefore I cannot edit my site’s code, nor can I upload an html file for verification of ownership for search engines to remove it, since I have extremely limited capabilities as a free user.

I have contacted the support team and am hoping they can permanently remove the file for me. It would be great to have full control over my own files and it seems that if one has an entirely password-protected website, that all uploaded assets would also be protected. This is especially important for those of us who have NDA work and build portfolios on Webflow.

Sorry to hear about this, keep us posted!