Upload SSL Removal

Hey Webflow fam,

So I’m trying to remove this (https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5c92cf7e1f69522cfcb7c66f/5d3f59899f2cd9a9df22ecff_Stephen%20Asonye%20-%20Resume%20.pdf) when my name (Stephen Asonye) is typed into google. Is there a way that I can do this?


Delete the asset from your project. It may take time for it to remove itself from the CDN. You can open a trouble ticket to see if the team can purge it afterwards.

Thanks! I’ve already deleted the project itself but that still pops up. I’ll go ahead and open up a ticket

Hello Stephen Asonye, Hello everyone !

Currently I have the same problem (a webflow link with my CV apeared when my name is typed in google). My situation is a bit different from your’s, I really dont know on which website i uploaded this CV and the platform don’t give any information about that.

Hope that someone will help me to find a solution, all my personal informations are in the cv … It can be dangerous for me.

Thanks !