Google still finds a deleted pdf in!

Hi! Does anybody know how to completely delete a pdf from being found by Google search?
I have a site for a customer, where we have deleted a pdf from the assets and the link to it, on the page ( But if we search with Google the pdf still shows up - but on the domain … Can it be removed, so that it’s not accessible via Google?
(Should preferably come to a 404 page?).


In google search console you can add deleted urls

Thank you for your respons, but unfortunately, I cannot delete URLs on Google Search Console that is on not on my own, verified page(s).
Uploads, like this pdf, is located on, in other words somehow on Webflow’s central server (?) and not actually on my page/domain/url, like or

Ok… hm… what is the url shown in Google search console?
Can you add a 301?

It would be much easier to just be able to delete the files yourself…

Agreed, which you can’t do on the WF asset CDN. For assets that I need to control, I instead use CDN’s that allow for it. There is a wishlist item for this. Maybe everyone can vote and someday Webflow would implement it.

Presumably the suggested CDN’s would all also have had y-combinator seed funding and also part of the ‘ecosystem’. What happened to the whole point of the internet and standards?

Webflows support-team is now removing the file for me. But would be good to have full control over my own files. I’ll join that wishlist @webdev ! :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem with a client of mine, file has been deleted and still appears in Google search…please help me webflow this has been years and my client is getting frustrated