How can 2 designers edit fully project based on a Site Plan CMS client already purchased to his Own Account

Hey everyone!

Could you please help us (me and my designer Ilona) to find a solution for this case?

We are two designers and need to work simultaneously on one website design for a client.

Our client already purchased for his account a Site plan CMS, created an empty project, and now we can be just content editors.

What type of account plan we need to purchase to have full access to collaborate on clients Design Page (it seems that we need a Team plan, right).

What is the best way to purchase this plan?

If we (designers) will buy a Team plan for 2 people, is it possible to combine our Team plan subscription with the client’s web page on site plan CMS?

If our client is going to buy a Team plan for 2 people, can he make two of us team collaborators on his project (he doesn’t need to have access to work on Design)?

And in this case, how does our client need to give us access to manage simultaneously a website by using his Team plan for two and Site plan CMS he already purchased?

One more question, there is an info on Webflow that “Each team member can work on a different project at the same time but not the same project.”, do they mean that me and one more designer can’t work at the same time on one Website, or it is even impossible to work simultaneously on different website pages?

If it is impossible to work simultaneously on different website pages, then it seems it will be enough to purchase one PRO account and simply share it with another designer? What is the advantage of using a Team plan and which plan is the best in our case?

I will be really thankful if you could help us with that!
Have a nice day,