Issues with editors on Site Plan

Hi there - I’m confused if I’ve purchased the right plan, as it doesn’t seem to do what I need it to do.

I’m a business owner who needs to be the admin for our website so that I can pay for it and ultimately be in control of major decisions, but I have a designer who needs to create the pages on the site, and a few other team members who occasionally need to add integrations or make content revisions.

I’ve purchased the ecommerce site plan and added it to a project that is yet to be published (while still having “starter” as my personal account type). I then added my designer and the few other team members as editors on the project (as it allows up to 8 collaborators). But none of them seem to have full site editing capabilities…for example, they can’t add a page. They can only see the one page that exists so far in the project. I can’t find any information as to what being an editor of an ecommerce site means, but it definitely doesn’t line up with my expectation that my designer has full capabilities to build the site, or my other team members can make tweaks to the project as well.

What am I missing here? Did I purchase the wrong kind of plan?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Bumping up, as I don’t have a response yet and Webflow customer support has not responded since I emailed them days ago via the chat function. I’m completely blocked on my project at the moment. Is anyone able to help? Thanks so much!

A collaborator is only someone who can do editing on page. They don’t have access to the designer.
I admit, Webflow’s pricing is a source for confusion.

From what I understand is your issue, you need extra access to the designer. Here Webflow becomes really pricy in contrast to other CMS. Everyone with designer access need to have a Team Account, at 42 dollars monthly of 35 yearly. So acces for 4 people would be a whopping 1680 dollars yearly, or monthly 2016 dollars. Compare this to Wordpress where one can make unlimited users with access.