A few questions about a site plan "CMS

I want to buy a Site plan "CMS but I have a few questions:

  1. Can multiple designers work on separate pages of one website in parallel?
  2. CMS plan includes that 3 content editors can work with a website. Does the monthly subscription price include that all three editors can work with a website? Or do we need to pay for each editor separately?

Hi Oleksandr,

Designers - have access to the Webflow designer, where they can build pages, place elements and modify layouts, modify your CMS collection schemas, insert custom code, etc.

Content Editors - have access to the WYSIWYG editor on the published site, via the ?edit feature. They can edit text, replace certain images, and modify CMS content.

The CMS site plan gives you 3 content editors and AFAIK they should be able to log in simultaneously through the ?edit feature on the site, and edit content on different pages. I’ve not had problems there, but I don’t know if the editor has any protections to prevent 2 people from editing the same page simultaneously.

It’s possible to have multiple designers working on your project simultaneously as well but only in Webflow’s enterprise plans.

Hi Michael,

Thank you!