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Can a collaborator access the Designer page?

I have a client turned business partner and he is originally a collaborator but he is also a designer and I was wondering can a collaborator have access to the designers area like the Admin can or is he stuck on the editor? If so, can there be more than 1 Admin?

Yes, for that you need a Team plan. Then you can both access all the sites you put in the team Dashboard

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You cannot access the designer tool through the CMS editor tool. We do this to keep a strict boundary between what content editors can access and what designers can access. If you want to give designer access to a business partner, then you’ll need to create a team plan.

A Team plan allows multiple people to admin a single shared dashboard of projects.


Hi @PixelGeek,

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I am just wondering if it is possible for my partner to be on the Team Plan and myself to stay on the Pro Plan as I don’t want to lose the fact that I grandfathered over with the old hosting plans.

We both need to design as we have a lot on at the moment but I cannot afford to pay for the Pro Plan and x2 Team Plans.

Team plans are separate from your own personal accounts. Team plans provide you with “seats” with a shared dashboard of projects. You add personal accounts to the team, whether it’s free or pro.

Hi @samliew,

So correct me if I’m wrong, I would have to pay for my Pro plan ($42.00), my team seat ($42.00) and a seat for my partner ($42.00)??

You would have to pay for your Pro plan, two team seats. Partner can create a free account to join the team.

A Pro Plan and two team seats is pretty damn expensive. Problem is, I have a few projects on at the moment and I need my partners help.

I’m concerned that if I make a team account I will lose the 50% discount I have on my Pro Plan. I’m only wanting the Team Plan for a month or so whilst we get the work done.

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You won’t lose any discount if no plan changes are made.

Ok that’s cool, thanks for clearing that up.

Just thinking about it, wouldn’t I just need a team seat for myself and I can invite my partner to the team with her being on a free plan?

No, you need two seats in the team for both of you. Was I not clear enough earlier?

No no, you were perfectly clear thank you.

I just don’t want to be spending $126.00 per month. I think that’s a bit too expensive if I’m honest.


You mentioned that the changes would only take a month.

You either need the additional flexibility that $84 buys for one month, or you perform the updates yourself.

Hi everyone, the issue I constantly get is when a client wants to invite an SEO specialist in, they require access to the ‘back end’ of the website. I don’t want to give up the client hosting and I don’t want to have a heap of costly team fees to worry about.

Any recommended solutions? It would be great if we could restrict access by folder.


Add the SEO Specialist as a collaborator on the site. They’ll have access to all of the SEO, Open Graph, and Site Search settings for each page. This also gives them the ability to edit text directly on the site for SEO and keyword optimization.

To my knowledge the only limitation is that those settings on Collections must be set in the Designer. This is likely due to the dynamic data that is available to use in the settings. However if the collection uses a plain text field to collect the SEO description, then the specialist can adjust each items SEO in the editor that way. They just can’t edit the template for the SEO without the designer.

Hope that helps.

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In the same boat as well, not sure what to do. I am thinking of just having them setup a one site account and transferring the site. Extremely frustrating.

you’re right these whole site plans / account plans is all messed up, super expensive and lacks basic functionality.

I also agree this is super frustrating. It’s important to share and collaborate on projects with other and to have to spend $45 a month per person is ridiculous. I would pay this for unlimited collaboration ability easily for all my projects.

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Hi @Vincent ,

Can you please clarify this for me. In order to launch a website on Webflow, with multiple people able to access the designer I need to purchase 3 licences?

1: Site Plan, 1: Account Licence & 1: Team License?

Thanks, Quentin.


A Site Plan is necessary to host any CMS or E-commerce website. So a site plan, yes.

A Team Plan will allow several people to access the Designer with their own Individual Account Plan, even if it’s a free Account Plan. it starts at $70 with 2 seats and you add $35 per seat.

A team licence doesn’t exist, what made you think you need an extra licence?

If you have trouble understanding the pricing, I made a page that makes it easier to compare plans, features and limitations: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans