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Hello everyone,

need some expert advice from all the awesome people here :smiley: !

my personal domain is up for renewal, and I have my site and domain hosted elsewhere.
I am looking for the best price ( who doesnt) to “settle” the website.

I have already decided to learn to use webflow in both my personal and professional work.
( Am already on the Lite plan; i am a slow learner so will take a while to build this thing )

2 questions:

  1. I am to transfer to the hosting to webflow, can I also transfer the domain to webflow?
    (if that makes sense?)

  2. I am currently paying about US$15/year for my domain, and am wondering if godaddy or webflow or anywhere else can have it cheaper?

I hope my question is clear?


Hi yanhuang,

You can have your domain name wherever you want… GoDaddy, Google… and you can see here how you can transfer your domain to Webflow hosting services. And here, you can see the Webflow hosting prices.
I hope this is the right answer for you.

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Webflow does not handle domain registration so you’ll have to keep your domain somewhere else. It is built into webflow to use godaddy and it makes it really easy to connect to webflow for hosting. You don’t really transfer hosting anywhere, you just purchase hosting on webflow and point your domain there and abandon your old hosting.

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thank you @Dfink and @Dragan_Miletic .
it helps alot.

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