Hosting with Webflow vs GoDaddy

Need to win over a client asap. Can anyone give me the benefits of hosting with Webflow vs GoDaddy? Client is skeptical because they have never heard of Webflow, while GoDaddy is a household name. This is the last step, then I win the deal of 3 websites.

It depends on what your needs are. If it’s CMS site, then you’ll need to host it with Webflow. If it’s a static site, you can host it anywhere you like, and I certainly wouldn’t use GoDaddy if they were the last company on earth. (Huge personal opinion there)

The trouble with household name companies is their workload is huge, and their customer service lacks because of it.

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Thanks! I got some more info from support too. This forum is great by the way.


I think so too!
If you do decide to use Webflow and ever get stuck, just post here and you’ll get some pretty quick help. Just remember to share your read only links where possible and screenshots too etc. :smiley:

It means we can show you how things are done using your own site, but without overwriting your original site.

Welcome! :webflow_heart:

Cool, I was wondering about that…