Confused about the Webflow pricing

Hello everyone.

I recently started learning webflow and landed my first client yesterday. I am confused about the pricing and how to take things forward. I am on the free plan right now and don’t want to purchase the pro plan for now as frit I want to make sure that I get enough work. Should I ask the client to make a webflow account and then I do all the website building there? and then help them set up hosting in their account itself? Is this fine or do I need to upgrade to a pro plan even while starting out and then transfer the site to the client?

Secondly, after finishing the project on my end, does the client have to pay the annual subscription or just for the hosting?

Lastly, This will be the first ever website for the client as well and they dont have a domain as of yet. does webflow hosting provide sites? or do i need to ask the client to buy a domain name from hostinger or namecheap and then add that to webflow?

These might be pretty stupid questions but I searched everywhere and still unable to get a clear idea.

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Hey @Lavannya_Bhargava , you do not need a paid account for this.

On a free Webflow Account, you are allowed to have to two project sites. So utilize one of them to design the project. The moment you/client pays for hosting and site is now on a custom domain, this frees up your project spot and you have 2 project slots open again.

The client would have to pay for the hosting plan only. You can also setup client billing through project settings where once setup, you send a link to the client and they pay their card details to pay for hosting. All you should be getting here is money and not spend anything :eyes:

Webflow does not provide a domain. The client would have to purchase a domain from a registrar such as GoDaddy and then on Webflow, once you select a hosting plan, you would then connect the domain to Webflow.

Read this article to prepare yourself for your first project journey :smile:

Thank you so much!
This clarifies a lot for me now.