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Question about hosting with webflow

Hi, I’m new to webflow and I have a couple of question:

  1. What is the difference between Webflow hosting and custom domain hosting?

  2. I’m going to buy a Go Daddy domain, do I still have to pay for the Basic Site Plan in order to use the Go Daddy domain?

For example: I have to pay Go Daddy domain 5usd/month + 15usd/month for the webflow site plan in order to use my Godday domain?

Sorry my English is not good enough. Thank you everyone !

  1. Domains differ from hosting, so both are required. Domain registration gives you the ability to point a URL towards something hosted on the internet. Hosting is needed to have content available online that your URL can point to.

  2. Yes, unless you want to forward your domain to the domain (which includes the Made in Webflow badge).

In your example case, you should really only be paying ~$10-15/year for a domain (I’d guess their $5/month plan includes some form of hosting - which isn’t necessary) but otherwise that’s accurate.

Your English is great by the way, no need for an apology. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for clearing thing up, I understand it now, thank you! :smiley: