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Switchin hosting from godaddy to webflow

Hey everyone,

have ben using webflow for some months and I am totally love with it ! I don’t wanna work with Wordpress again !

for my own portfolio website I have been using godaddy hosting + domain service, I renewed my hosting 3 months ago and its till 2021… I would like to know if it would be possible to transfering my hosting to webflow ? or should I call godaddy and try to invoice them to cancel my hosting with refund ? what would be the best way ?

thanks a lot !

Hi @zweimillimeter - Glad to hear your loving webflow. That’s great!

If you mean just uploading your site to host at webflow, then NO.

Can you build a new site on webflow, turn on hosting, and then change DNS to point to webflow hosting, then YES you can.

That is really a question you have to answer yourself. As to whether you can get a refund, that is between you and Godaddy. You might be out a few bucks, but I am sure you will make it up in productivity easily.

Hey Webdew,

thanks for the quickly reply,

well no I will delete my website on godaddy and create a new one on Webflow, so basically I wanna end all my relationship with godaddy ( will keep just the domains ) and move on with webflow, I was just looking for a way out to find the best solution.

Godaddy refuses to refund me so I have to keep my hosting there till 2021 If I wanna create my website on webflow then I have to get another hosting on webflow which means theoretically I will have 2 hosting.

What I thought was, I can create my website on webflow and export the codes, by using FTP I can install it on my godaddy hosting but then I won’t be able to use CMS and many more…

working with wordpress after years and using godaddy for my clients I am so glad that I have met with Webflow, it changed all my view and ability for web-design, I am really looking forward to be party of this community !

You are correct. You can build your design (without the CMS functionality), export it, then upload it to your Godaddy hosting account.

You could scrape your site off of webflow hosting with CMS content and then upload that as an alternative. There is are reference in the forums to a OS X tool called sitesucker. I have used that to rescue a new client from a locked out account (designer died and had the keys).


Thanks mate, I just wanted to be sure from someone who has more knowledge than I do so I know now what i am supposed to do !


I might also export my website from webflow as wordpress template and work on with it.