Hosting Client Website and Billing

Hi Guys,

So far, the websites I’ve done have been exported and hosted with an external hosting service :stuck_out_tongue:

But my next client wants to add CMS so she can edit the pages and I can keep editing the website when needed (first time I have to add ongoing support), and because I’m a bit lazy to actually get an external CMS, I was wondering what you guys do here with clients…

Do you guys transfer the website to the owner and then edit it? (and let them take care of the billing)

Or do you keep it, pay for the hosting yourself and then give them editor rights + bill them?

Any information would be appreciated, I haven’t found many topics regarding internal hosting with clients so far :disappointed: :disappointed:

You can keep it, use the client billing feature (so they pay for hosting) and even make a lil extra on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I got a PM with information on it, that would definitely make me go for it.
But I was hopping that I would have to be the middle man… :stuck_out_tongue:

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